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  • ACSM credentialing is the most respected in the health and fitness industry and is viewed as the best measure of competence of sports medicine and health and fitness professionals. . It is the most rigorous in the industry, requiring the highest level of knowledge and skill and establishing the standard for all other certifications. Other programs have used ACSM certification as a model, but none has achieved ACSM’s high standard.

    ACSM-certifies professionals can be found in all clinical and health and fitness practice environments, setting the best possible performance examples. They provide safe environments and a caring atmosphere. Programs staffed with qualified professionals show a greater incidence of client and patient success and health and fitness goal achievement. Available tests: 

    • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
    • ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist (HFS)
    • ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist (CES)
    • ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
    • ACSM/NCPAD Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer
    • ACSM/ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer

  • Registration

    ACSM candidates can register by visiting the Candidate website ( Candidates must create a web account and meet all criteria for testing before scheduling an exam(s). All scheduling and payment for ACSM exams at Saint Francis University are handled online; payment cannot be accept¬ed at the SFU test site. Candidates may also schedule by phone at 1-800-704-3613. Visit for information on qualifications, test fees, scoring, retake and other policies, and tips on how to prepare for the exams. 

    All requests for accommodations, including accommodations for candidates whose second language is English, must be individually approved by ACSM. To apply for an accommodation, the candidate must contact ACSM at either or by calling 317-637-9200.


    Test Day

    Candidates taking an ACSM exam should report to St. Francis Hall 15 minutes prior to their scheduled test time and may park on Franciscan Way in front of Francis Hall during the exam. The physical address for directions/GPS is 132 Franciscan Way. Report to Scotus 317.

    Candidates must bring two valid forms of ID: primary government-issued ID with photo and signature plus a secondary ID with signature. An erasable notepad and marker will be provided to use as scratch paper. If a calculator is permitted during testing, it will be provided within the software, and the candidate will be given instructions on how to use it. White-noise machines and disposable earplugs are provided to minimize distracting noises. All personal belongings must be stored in the provided lockers during testing.

    There are no scheduled breaks during ACSM exams. Although breaks are discouraged, candidates may take unscheduled breaks, but the exam clock does not stop running during a break. During unscheduled breaks, personal belongings may not be accessed, and candidate may not leave the building.


    ACSM candidates will receive a score report after finishing the exam. If a candidate fails an exam, he or she must wait a minimum of 15 calendar days before taking the exam again. This applies to second or subsequent attempts as well.


    Candidates who have questions about an exam or its content should contact ACSM using one of these methods:
    (800) 486-5643 or (317) 637-9200